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Individual solutions meet their mark

Challenges are our incentive

The various product-related and logistics requirements inspire us to come up with efficient strategies that we develop for and with our customers. We set the lever in the right place to save time and money, to streamline the process and avoid interface conflicts.


Our product-related services include, for example component production, final finishing, shaping, surface treatment and machining. Looking more closely at quality, costs and deadlines, we are entirely responsible for purchasing individual parts and also assemblies. We adhere to individual customer specifications that are formulated in personal meetings and then bundled. Tangible relief for the customer and personal support are the biggest advantages of our product-related services.


Logistics cost companies lots of time and money. Here, too, we find the best solutions. We take logistics one step further. In close cooperation with you, we will assume your entire warehousing operations through to controlling the complete supply chain and optimise all work steps. Be it Just-In-Time or Just-In-Sequence, we guarantee the right concept.


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- Full final processing

- Machining

- Surface treatment

- haping, welding, plasma and lasering 2D + 3D

- Component production

- Individual assembly production